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Dale Hartberger grew up in the Machine Shop business, and worked for a Zanesville shop for a number of years. He decided to strike out on his own and started his first shop in the barn behind his home in 1990. This venture, Hartberger Industries, began operations as a 1-person shop with sales of $20,000 in the first year.

                                                                                                                                                     With the success and growth of the business, Dale moved the operation to a nearby location on Old Wheeling Road, where it remains today. In 2000 the first building was constructed, with 5000 feet of floor space, and later additions (2005 and 2007) increased the size to the current 15,500 square feet.


In 2004 Dale recognized the need for additional ownership and expertise, in response to the growth occurring at that time. As a result Robert Lee joined him as a partner in the venture, and has remained on board as co-owner since that time. Bob’s expertise in Sales and Marketing has provided an excellent balance to Dale’s technical knowledge, design and shop experience. Bob has broad industrial experience and computer knowledge, having spent many years in the glass industry.


Bob also brought the “Fabrication” component to Hartberger, when he joined in 2005, which has added a unique capability to the company-not only to manufacture machine parts, but to also create frames, railings, carts, dollies, walkways and other assemblies into which parts can be installed-resulting in 1-stop shopping for complete assemblies.


From its small beginning, the company has grown to sales of $2.9 million with 20+ employees.





Complete CNC Machining and Fabrication



Manual Lathes
CNC Lathes
Manual Mills
CNC Mills
Vertical Saws
Punch Presses

(We specialize in Large Size turnings and machine parts – up to 12 feet in length and 39 inches in diameter).


Fabrication & Assembly    


Design Assistance
Certified Welders
Tube Formation
Final Assembly


 (We construct a wide variety of Assemblies, including Frames, Carts, Dollies, Tow Bars, Aircraft Bomb Racks and Fuel Tank Carts, special EPA Sonic Drilling Rigs, Oil and Gas Drilling Parts, Auto parts, Mining Parts and Assemblies, Chemical industry and many others.)


4445 Old Wheeling Rd, Zanesville, OH 43071
Tel: 740-454-4932 FAX: 740-454-8941